Carlos and Major Taylor

Carlos after the 2-day 200 mile STP Ride!
Carlos after the 2-day 200 mile STP Ride!

This is Carlos, another young friend of YES.  Read about his experience with the Major Taylor Project at YES.

My name is Carlos and I have been a part of the YES Foundation for over 3 years now.  I remember hearing at school that YES was putting together this bike club in collaboration with the Major Taylor Project at Cascade Bicycle Club.I joined thinking it would be an easy way to get my fitness credit. Boy was I wrong! It was excruciating, but would soon become a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. For the few months we got to train, we would ride around the neighborhood and each ride would progressively get much more difficult.  We soon started riding to places like Vashon Island. Ultimately, we trained enough to be prepared for STP, the two day bike ride from Seattle to Portland.

Somewhere along the way of STP, I began to establish and reconnect relationships with people who I was much too shy to talk to before, as I thought they were too cool for me. I became good friends with someone I knew for years, and even got to know my math teacher a little bit better because she’s on the rides with us; turns out teachers are people too!  Through all that I definitely pushed my threshold to be uncomfortable, yet it wasn’t enough.  In completing the program I learned that being the person I want to be, and that in order to be the best I can be, and put my best foot forward I have to work for it… period….like Major Taylor did in 1899 when he established seven world record in one six week period while overcoming discrimination.

And so after these years of being a part of YES, I realized that I don’t just want to do this but I want to do more.

The amount of nice, authentic, positive people at the program is outstanding, quite breathtaking actually. They saw leadership qualities in me that I still can’t see.  Now, I am aspiring to and always striving towards something greater than I would have originally thought possible for myself.

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