A Gift from a Great Neighbor

AAA Sewing and Vacuum on 1st Ave South in Seattle is a family owned business that has been serving our community for just about as long as I can remember. Last year, the owner of the store, Jeff Belvill, asked me if I thought any of our teens would be interested in a sewing class/camp and if so, AAA wanted to be creative in making such a thing happen. Wow. I knew that there were some middle school girls who expressed a huge interest in fashion design so Jeff and the folks at AAA pulled together the teachers and the resources needed to offer a once a week, 3 hour-long course for middle schoolers and did their own version of Project Runway! It ran for 6 weeks during the summer and it was incredible. The kids loved it! Every week they would come back and show us what they created!

AAA did it again this summer! Katie Russell and her middle schoolers from Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission summer camp were there every week learning and creating together, sharing in this experience afforded to us because people like Jeff and the teachers and the rest of the AAA staff knew that they have something special, important and downright cool to offer to the community and found a way to do so. I’m in awe of this example of adding assets to a community simply by teaching what you know and sharing what you have with others. Amazing, isn’t it?
Pat Thompson

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