3 days + 5 sports = Happy Campers

This year’s Jack Thompson Sports Camps marked our 5th year of partnership with Run to WIn and Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission in offering these sports camps to our neighborhood children. The kids love those 3 days of learning and running and laughing and running and scoring and running! I talked to a group of children today who were still excited because at the Jack Thompson camps they could learn soccer from Mr. Koa in the mornings and in the afternoons, they could learn how to run patterns from a few of the Evergreen High School football players! Meanwhile, the girls from the Evergreen High School Volleyball team headed up the volleyball camp and a few of the athletes from Evergreen’s tennis team taught tennis! For kids like Andrew and Isaiah and Delaney, it was all Hoop Time!

Pat Thompson

***Check out the pictures on the photos page. Pictures by Alex Collier and Mindy Lynn Litton

Post STP

They did it.  And they were impressive. 207 miles.  The smiles were ear to ear, the feeling of accomplishment was palpable.  Watching the group ride in together took my breath away, I truly felt God’s favor just being able to witness that kind of joy!  Definitely a summer highlight!  Thank you Ed, Danielle, Dan and all of the rest of the folks at Cascade Bicycle Club!  Also, thanks to Bethany Tate.  Teacher, coach, mentor, trusted adult in the lives of hundreds of White Center teens…she’s the best.

Pat Thompson

Check out the photos from the finish.  You’ll see.

Major Taylor rides the STP

This weekend is the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle to Portland Ride and four of our teenagers will be making the trip with a larger group from the Cascade bike club! I asked one of my young friends how he was feeling about the ride and he said that he was excited but also a bit nervous. I think it’s amazing that Fabian and his friends have decided to push the limits a little and do something out of their comfort zone. What a great way to spend the weekend! Doing something you never dreamed you’d ever do! What I can’t wait for is the fall when he returns to school and the satisfaction he will feel when people ask, “What did you do this summer?”…

The YES Foundation and Cascade have a common vision about all kids having access and opportunity to ride bikes. Seems simple doesn’t it? However, we have been asking the question, “How do we create a bicycle riding culture in White Center?” for years. It seems serendipitous that Cascade Bicycle Club would launch the Major Taylor Project in White Center. The stated mission for this project is: Creating a multicultural bicycling community where teenagers have equal opportunity to spend time outdoors and on a bicycle. The YES Foundation is thrilled to be its host here in the neighborhood! About 12 – 13 kids participated in the weekly rides in late spring. The club continues to meet during the summer. You can’t imagine how exciting it is for us to watch the kids ride out of the church parking lot every Monday afternoon. Excited for the new ways that they are encountering their own neighborhood. Excited for the sense of independence they seem to be gaining every week. Excited for the ways they are paying attention to their own health issues. Excited for the feeling they have about becoming a different kind of steward of their environment. Really excited about the relationships they are forming with Dan, Danielle and Ed, the people who are leading their weekly rides. Pretty much just flat excited.

Pat Thompson